Digital Architecture

Future prospects for a monolithic core banking system

11 September 2019
Challenge: making a monolithic core banking system modular and scalable in order to equip it for the future.
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From opportunistic APIs to an open banking strategy

10 September 2019
From opportunistic APIs to an open banking strategy
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Technical due diligence for a large e-commerce platform

6 September 2019
Challenge: a media company wants to carry out a CHF 240 million acquisition on schedule and with due diligence.
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Digital robots against shadow IT

4 September 2019
Companies often find it difficult to reduce the size of their shadow IT. Can digital robots help? Our latest blog article shows a possible approach.
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Digital Robotics: Reality Check

20 November 2019
Digital Robotics — also known as Robotic Process Automation (RPA) — is a new technology with the potential to radically increase business process productivity by eliminating repetitive manual work and media breaks. At the same time it improves data quality by executing processes more consistently than humans.
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Open APIs for More Transparency in Retirement Provision

14 February 2020
The Swiss retirement provision is a complex system. It is difficult for individuals to find out how much money they will have at their disposal after retirement. To change this, Acrea has launched the OpenPK initiative.
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Pragmatism and enterprise architecture: "Motorator" does the trick

22 October 2020
How does a Swiss health insurance company manage to set up an enterprise architecture (EA) without becoming more bureaucratic? This article describes along a real-life project at SWICA how EA can support digitalization as an instrument for dialogue and guideline for projects.
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Technical Due Diligence - what you need to pay attention to

30 October 2020
In the context of company takeovers, due diligence is usually used to check the condition of the target company, whether there are any unexpected risks and whether a price demanded is considered justified. There are many pitfalls in such due diligence ...
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Making Digital Health Work

30 November 2020
In my previous mandate, I spent about a year dealing with the question of what digitalization for a health insurance company in the Swiss market could look like. The client I worked for was by no means at the beginning of its digitization journey, but had already invested heavily in digitization in recent years. But what is the big mistake with digitization in the healthcare market?
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Digitization - How pension funds can benefit from the experience of banks

27 May 2021
Imagine you get your physical account statement from your bank once a year. Apart from that, you can only conduct banking transactions by mail or direct contact. Does this scenario also sound to you like something that belongs to the distant past in the age of e-banking, mobile banking and neobanks? Fortunately, the digitization of banking business is already well advanced. The situation is different, however, when we look at the area of retirement provision and, in particular, that of many pension funds. After all, shouldn't the same convenience be possible there? And couldn't pension funds themselves also benefit from a similar development to that experienced by banks?
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Customer identities - key element of digitization in banking

8 July 2021
An integral part of effective digitization is that banks and all other companies understand the importance of changing customer identities. Simple and secure processes for customers on the one hand, and targeted delivery of sought-after services at the right time on the other. This often involves a fundamental transformation of the bank's customer identity management. Yet in a world that is increasingly moving toward the customer in the wake of customer centricity, this can hardly be avoided. Your customers will definitely be grateful.
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