A digital revolution for pension funds – from an idea to the go-live in six months

8 August 2019
Challenge: using digital technology to close the gap between policyholders and traditional pension funds.
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Self-service strategy and business case for an insurance group

11 September 2019
Challenge: making a leading insurance company’s self-service offers competitive.
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More money in old age thanks to the squirrel trick

22 May 2019
For many Swiss, the regular AHV and pension fund pensions will not be sufficient to enable them to live as well after retirement as before (annual pensions have fallen by almost 9% in real terms since 2005, see Figure 1). Although it would make sense to voluntarily put money into the pension fund, the...
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Free our pension fund data!

6 March 2019
Do you know how much more or less money you will have at your disposal after retirement? It's not easy to calculate: you need AHV and pension fund data, you need to take tax effects into account, and it takes time because it takes two to four weeks for a statement of your individual AHV account to be delivered.
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Open APIs for More Transparency in Retirement Provision

14 February 2020
The Swiss retirement provision is a complex system. It is difficult for individuals to find out how much money they will have at their disposal after retirement. To change this, Acrea has launched the OpenPK initiative.
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