Acrea gives your digital business a helping hand

We transform ideas into future-oriented solutions.

Acrea combines technology expertise with years of experience in the finance and insurance industries. Another of our strengths is our combination of entrepreneurship and our broad knowledge base that rests on sound education and training. Moreover, we have a strong network of partner companies that we work with on a targeted project-by-project basis.

These are just a few reasons why we can count on a loyal, satisfied clientele. We would be happy to help you get your ideas off the ground, too.

Let us show you where your digital future lies.

We are experts

Thanks to our considerable experience in the finance and insurance industries and our technological expertise, we are specialists in the implementation of digitalization projects.

We are independent

Our independence guarantees that we take a neutral, differentiated approach to every project and develop solutions that tackle problems in a targeted way. We also always recommend that our clients work with the partners who are best able to meet their individual needs.

We are focused

We concentrate on realistic solutions that can be implemented efficiently.

We are effective

Our approach, our know-how and our concepts achieve results. That is why our clients are loyal and satisfied.

We are entrepreneurs

We are digital entrepreneurs, which means we have broad horizons. Our start-ups include Nezasa, a successful Acrea spin-off.


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Acrea Talk

Artificial intelligence and the travel industry - challenges and opportunities

26 Jan 2021

Artificial intelligence (AI) is on the rise - also in travel. We spoke with Manuel Hilty from about the possibilities of using AI today. Nezasa is a specialist for travel planning and was awarded "Best Tour Operating Platform 2020" by Travolution for its innovative products.

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Can pension funds strengthen retirement provision with digital access?

4 Jan 2021

How do new digital offerings influence user behavior? We are confronted with this question again and again in our projects. Web or app analytics can be used to create targeted analyses of the usability of digital offerings. This provides a good analysis of the impact of changes in the user journey or the features offered. However, this approach falls short when it comes to the holistic analysis of customer relationships and customer behavior. Here, further data is needed.

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Making Digital Health Work

30 Nov 2020

In my previous mandate, I spent about a year dealing with the question of what digitalization for a health insurance company in the Swiss market could look like. The client I worked for was by no means at the beginning of its digitization journey, but had already invested heavily in digitization in recent years. But what is the big mistake with digitization in the healthcare market?

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