Acrea broadens its expertise with a new partner

1 September 2021

Today marks the beginning of a new chapter for Acrea: highly experienced digitalization expert and transformation manager Stephan Odermatt is joining the company as a partner, opening up new avenues for us and our clients. 

Stephan Odermatt is a digitalization specialist with a wealth of experience, having spent 10 successful years driving digital transformation at UBS. His most recent position there was as Head of Segment Management & Digital Transformation Personal Banking, and he was responsible for the further development of digital channels, distribution of digital products, and comprehensive transformation of the distribution model.

Prior to and during his time at UBS, Odermatt was also a strategy consultant for Boston Consulting Group, a business journalist for SonntagsZeitung, a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich and a business development specialist at the web and app development agency Gridonic.

He holds an MSc in Business Administration from the University of Bern (including time spent studying at Copenhagen Business School) and an MSc in Economics from the University of Neuchâtel. 

A perfect match

Asked what drew him to Acrea, Stephan commented:

“The strategic importance of comprehensive digital transformation is undisputed . Holistic implementation skills at the interface between business and IT are, however, not just the key to success but also a limiting factor. Boutique consultancies like Acrea are ideally positioned to provide the necessary expertise on an as-a-service basis in a highly effective, cost-efficient way. 
I have always admired Acrea’s expertise and spirit, which is why we’ve always stayed in touch after completing joint projects, so I’m especially delighted to now be joining the company. I look forward to applying and broadening my digital expertise across other companies and industries, and also for Acrea’s own venture projects.”

New opportunities for Acrea clients

Acrea partners Stefan Wengi, Michael Müller and Christof Dornbierer are confident that Stephan Odermatt will be an ideal addition to the Acrea team, and that its clients in particular will benefit from his experience and background.

“Acrea combines technological expertise with years of experience in the finance and insurance sectors. ‘Making digital work’ is at the core of our value proposition. We will now be able to deliver on that promise in an even more comprehensive and powerful way. For the first time, we now have a partner whose experience goes beyond our core competencies in IT architecture, security and project implementation. That means that from a single source, we’ll now be able to cover upstream and downstream aspects such as digital strategy, omnichannel distribution, innovation adoption and communications. I’m looking forward to it.”
(Stefan Wengi)

“I’m particularly looking forward to the new avenues which we’ll be able to explore with Stephan. As a ‘business guy with a knack for IT,’ Stephan looks at the world in a slightly different way from us ‘IT guys with a knack for business.’ That’s exactly the kind of friction we’re looking for, as it’s how the best solutions come about – for our clients and also for our own initiatives such as the OpenPK project.”
(Michael Müller)

“The human factor was very important to me: Stephan has a similar mindset to us on many fundamental issues, and the same can-do mentality. His expertise is based on practical experience, and he shares our high standards of integrity and independence. He also has the admirable ability to express his opinions directly and constructively.”
(Christof Dornbierer)

Welcome aboard! Stephan joined the Acrea team this morning. A new chapter for the company begins!